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merrick, 7/12/11 at 1:54PM okay so this is probably a good place to drop any theories or ideas people have in general. We can share and connect some dots
merrick, 7/12/11 at 1:58PM OK to get us started: does anyone have any idea what happened to all of Marco's old content from the original website he mentions in General? I have tried wayback machining and a ton of other shit but really cannot see a history here beyond nov '03
twins, 7/13/11 at 7:32AM yes well, I do believe he may have switched domains around then which would prevent wayback from being very helpful, maybe he just dumped the html over here, which actually makes me wonder if anyone has source inspected the site code?
Kenny24s, 7/18/11 at 3:09PM I have been doing some investigating of my own but haven't found much. Even Marco's final recording seems to elude me. It's very strange, the link he posted seems to go to no where at all.
twins, 7/31/11 at 10:13AM oh wow thanks for looking at that Kenny, honestly I would've thought something would come from that? anyway I sent an email to the provider, to see if I can get some info on who pays for the website now